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How to build Solar Panels

How To Install Solar Panels?
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How To Install Solar Panels?
Do you want to install the solar panel by yourself? It is a cost-effective and rewarding task that helps you save money in many ways. You don’t need to hire any technician or professional services for installing the solar panel. Ensure that you have all the required equipment. Then here, we will share the appropriate guide. You can install the solar panels like a professional by following the step-by-step guide with safety precautions. So let's move towards the process of installing the solar panels.

Required material for installing solar panels

The essential things that you need to purchase before starting the process include:
  •         Electrical wiring
  •         Junction boxes and splices
  •         AC breakers and sub-panels
  •         AC disconnects and fuses
  •         PV meters
  •         Conduit and metres
  •         EMT
  •         Ground mounting and roof mounting

Step by step guide to install solar panels.

Keep in mind that solar panels installation requires heavy electrical work and lifting, so you should adopt preventive measures. Wear the safety gauges like eye protection glasses, gloves, boots, and remove metallic jewelry pieces, including the watches.

Plan the wiring

Now the next step is the wiring of the electrical parts. It is one of the primary and critical steps that need closer attention. You can also check our professional's safety precautions regarding the wiring of solar panels and adopt them for your precaution against damage.
  •         Plan all the wiring runs before starting the process.
  •         Ensure that you have the wire clips for securing the wires at a place

Install wiring according to chart

The actual process is installing the wiring path when you have its diagram. You can check the manual of your solar panel system and install the wires according to it. Remember that every solar panel system is different from the other, so it also requires some variations during installation.  Plan the electrical path with proper diagrams that help you install the wiring with the correct terminals and wiring requirements. You can get professional assistance for making the wiring diagram as they have years of experience. After that, you can quickly install the solar panel by following the chart.

Mount the inverter

The inverter mounting is different, and you can install it according to your solar system requirement. However, if your solar panel system requires inverters, you should install it with the relevant guidelines and manuals.

Mount electrical components 

The next step is to mount the system properly. Ensure that all the electrical components are ground adequately to reduce the risks of power surges, shocks, and some others. After installing and grounding the electrical components, you need to install the back feed breaker. It is the additional component you place in your breaker panels to generate the power in the utility grid.

Install solar panel

Now the final step is to mount the solar panels. Decide the place for solar panels to be mounted, like the roof and ground. Both have different ways of installation that you should follow. If you plan to roof mount the solar panels, then five primary steps include:
  •         Mark and locate the roof rafters
  •         Install the roof attachments for securing the rails at a particular place
  •         Carefully install the racking rails
  •         Lift the panels on your roof
  •         Mount the solar panels or plates on the mounting rails.
Now, if you want to build ground-mounted solar panels, here is the step-by-step guide.
  •         Guild a foundation
  •         Install the racking rail according to your solar panel requirements
  •         Mount the panels on your rails with the correct dimensions.
If you install the off-grid system, you must install the backup battery system. There are three different types of batteries, including flooded lead-acid, sealed lead acid, and lithium-ion batteries.  Each type of battery has additional wiring requirements that help store the energy and use it for later use. We hope this guide will help you install the solar panels like a professional. Moreover, you can also get professional help installing solar panels with total efficiency. 

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